Activities and goals

Since the 6th institutional reform of the Belgian state, various competences with regard to the management and operation of waterways and appurtenances have been transferred to the regions. This means that they are now also responsible for enforcing the applicable rules. On 01/02/2020, De Vlaamse Waterweg (DVW) established a new enforcement team to implement an effective and efficient enforcement policy and to significantly increase the presence in the field. Our goal is to increase safety on the waterways, to protect the environment and to ensure the correct use of the waterways and appurtenances. It is our absolute wish and commitment to work with all relevant stakeholders on an integrated approach in which prevention and sanctioning go hand in hand. We are therefore firmly opting for an effective policy that is achieved through cooperation.

Enforcement is a set of acts and activities aimed at ensuring compliance with the applicable legal rules and regulations and, if necessary, enforcing compliance by imposing and implementing measures and sanctions through administrative or judicial channels. The enforcement team at DVW ensures that the waterway network in Flanders becomes a safer and more environmentally friendly environment.

This team consists of two subteams: “Supervision & Control” on the one hand and “Sanctioning” on the other. Team Supervision & Control is responsible for supervising and monitoring compliance with applicable legislation and regulations. The report of an infringement is passed on to the Sanctioning team, which, based on the report, determines the sanction on a discretionary basis.