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Is there a problem with a waterway object? A subsidence in the towpath? A remark about this website? Or have you possibly noticed another problem on or next to the waterway? Please use the form below. We will keep you informed of further developments. Thanks in advance for your attention and cooperation.

All waterway users & owners/masters of ships are obliged to report according to the Shipping Decree. Click here for more info.

For urgent matters you can contact us by telephone on 0800 30 440 or 078 055 440 (from Belgium) or +32 78 055 440 (abroad).


Notification obligation according to Shipping Decree

The Shipping Decree was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on May 6, 2022. A number of specific articles of the Shipping Decree impose a reporting obligation on users of the waterway and captains and owners of ships. A notification must be made in the following cases:

  • An object ends up in the water or threatens to end up in the water (Art. 15)
  • A user of the waterway causes damage to the waterway (Art. 27)
  • An obstacle is identified in the waterway (Art. 46)
  • A defect or defect is found in traffic signs and devices that serve to provide information or instructions to ships, such as beacons and buoys, or in structures such as locks, bridges, quays and embankments (Art. 46)
  • A ship runs aground or threatens to run aground (Art. 50)
  • A ship has sunk or is in danger of sinking (Art. 50)
  • Any other incident on the waterway involving a ship (Art. 50)

The reporting obligation is very broad and is not limited to commercial shipping. Pleasure boaters and other (recreational) users of the waterway (such as canoe and kayakers, users of jet skis, SUPs, etc.) are also subject to the reporting obligation.

You can submit a report in accordance with the Shipping Decree using the form above.